Renovation Services - We Specialise in Bathrooms
Renovation Services - We Specialise in Bathrooms

Shower Room Suites

When Space is tight a shower room is an ideal solution!

More popular than ever it’s estimated that 1.3 million shower rooms are built every year. Showers are faster, cleaner, use less water and take up far less space than a bath.

But there’s so much to think about. What type of shower, where should the shower tray go, what screen is best? What about the shower room design?

Expert help is advised at a very early stage to make sure you make the best use of space and your shower room becomes everything you want it to be.

Renovation Services have helped hundreds of our customers create the perfect shower room. Take a free no obligation consultation with one of our experts. There’s no obligation to purchase and every reason to take us up on our offer.

We will show you what your shower room could actually look like and help you with colour schemes, types of showers available and the benefits and disadvantages of each.

We are registered installers for wet rooms if that is your requirements. We also install low level access shower trays for the elderly and will install any equipment for specific disabilities.

When you take a free quotation use our expertise, ask as many questions as you like. Our experience and knowledge about shower rooms for your home is totally free.

Book a free quotation.


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